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Keeping your grades up, studying for the ACT/SAT, extracurricular, deadlines, jobs, and enjoying being a teenager are all part of your life. Adding the college process can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful.

I will teach you the skills you will need to stay organized, manage your time, enjoy your life and manage stress. You will be proud of your accomplishments, and ready to understand how to research the colleges that are the best choices for you. You will be prepared for your decision and ready for your college experience.

Through assessments, discussions and research, you will know who you are and what you are looking for in a college. You will be certain that your college list matches your requirements, wishes, desires and is the best choice for you.

Discover and understand who you are, what your college goals and desires are and which college is the best choice for you!

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We offer structured programs for Sophomores, Juniors & college transfer students. We also offer individualized solutions, and customized service blocks to cater to special student needs.

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"You couldn’t be in better hands, than with Mrs. V. She was, and still is, my rock. She is someone who pushes me to be my best, and always has a shoulder to cry on when times get tough. Being able to share this experience with her has made me not only enjoy the process, but helped me to find where I truly belong after high school. She doesn’t just help you find a school to match your academia for the next four years, but helps you find a place that you can truly call home. I couldn’t have imagined working with anyone else. She relieved so much of my stress, and at the perfect time, as my rigorous course schedule was consuming most of my life. She would email me any new info she had found (after hours of research on her own time), to be sure I was completely informed on my particular chosen schools and the process in general. I am eternally grateful for all of her hard work and dedication to make this challenging process an enjoyable one. Mrs. V. is the mother to two successful sons who also graduated from my high school. This certainly helped her understand how much of an impact this process can have on an emotional, nervous, and over-committed teenager such as myself. Her strategy of incorporating personality tests and deep conversation about my interests, really helped her have a real grasp of who I am and what I really needed from this process. She not only works to place the student in a good school, but works to create a lasting relationship with every lucky student she works with. I can say, without hesitation, that I have not only achieved everything and more with my time spent with Mrs. V., but I’ve also gained a truly lasting relationship with a truly wonderful friend. "

Jillian B. - College of the Holy Cross
"Mrs. Vardaro is not an average college consultant. She is dynamic, passionate, creative, intuitive, and an excellent listener. She is unique in the field of college consulting because she has a way of evaluating the exact needs of her students and immediately communicating effective solutions. She understands that there are no blanket solutions in the realm of college counseling; every student is different and she is equipped to respond to those differences. She is dedicated to seeing the success of her students and she will go above and beyond to ensure that students remain dedicated to their own success. Her lifetime of experience speaks for itself in her resume / essay editing skills. She has been a college interviewer and knows how to prepare students for an array of questions and situations. Most importantly, she cares deeply about her students as a whole. It's not only about an acceptance or passing grade for her. She is committed to seeing her students thrive in every area as they cultivate skills that will last a lifetime."

Elizabeth N. - Georgetown University

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