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The college process is a complicated one with many steps, choices and decisions. I will make sure that steps are not missed, choices are discussed and the correct information is available to make informed decisions.

Parents do not have the time to thoroughly educate themselves about the college process, not to mention the changes that happen daily.

I have experience working in a private school, supporting both the parents and the students. I taught the college advising classes and worked individually with the students. I can relate to what the students life is like in school and how they think about the process.

Parents want to enjoy the last few years their children will be living at home, they do not want to be nagging, arguing and hounding them. Knowing that your children will be going off to college soon is stressful enough!

Running around looking at colleges that are not a fit for your child is exhausting, could be disappointing, confusing and a waste of time. I will create a list that will allow your child to make the best choice for them.

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"Our daughter was very anxious when we started the college search and application process. Where do we begin? We interviewed many college advisors but Pam was different. Her experience, passion, and resources were abundant. She made the daunting task of completing applications, essay work, and meeting deadlines seem effortless. We heard the feelings of frustration from other parents, trying to keep their already overscheduled children on task. We felt fortunate to have Pam as our guide through the process. She more than prepared our daughter for what was to come. She was there to advise not only our daughter but our family as well. We are pleased and proud to say that our daughter is now attending her top choice college. We truly feel without Pam’s fastidious preparation and guidance we would not be where we are today. We are excited to work with her again to help us with our son’s college journey! Thank you for everything Pam! You are the best!"
- Deborah B.

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